ACTING & LIVE PERFORMANCE, ONE ON ONE:  Let’s unpack your favorite play, get you ready for your next on-camera audition or work through your song list to make sure you’re connecting. Whether you're starting from scratch or need polish and push, we will tailor the time to set you up for success!

ACTING CLASSESClick here to email me directly with inquiries regarding both BEGINNER and ADVANCED level ACTING CLASSES.  Classes are seasonal and spaces are limited.

EXECUTIVE COMMUNICATION AND SPEECH COACHING:  Want to command a room? Let’s work on more powerful ways get your point across and increase your impact.  I believe business should be personal. Finding connection and confidence is easier than you think. 

CREATIVE SCRIPT AND PROJECT CONSULTING: Are you halfway through a screenplay you can’t seem to finish? Have an idea for a TV show but no clue how to start?  Made a “thing” but not sure what to do next? Be it a script, cookbook, story collection, or song … if it can be imagined, it can be activated! Whatever your creative pursuit - let’s find fun solutions, hatch practical plans, build structure and set deadlines (that you’ll stick to!). It’s time to turn creative sparks into something substantial!


Personal coaching for ACTors, executives and live performers is by hourly rate.

RAtes for creative script or project consultinG varies. detailed program packages are available upon requesT. all prospective script or PROJECT based clients begin with a 20 minute complimentary CONSULTATION.

not in the same city? Not to worry - Sessions can be conducted in person or by video conference.

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LightER.  higher.  simpler.  more joy. 

I believe confidence and curiosity can be nurtured in such a way that talent will expand faster, farther and with more joy than we ever thought possible!

 A professional often has to be his or her own director, critic and teacher, so cultivating a playful, but tenacious, approach to technique is critical.   

Moment to moment, I challenge students and collaborators through humor and fortitude to push past insecurities and go beyond being dutiful. On my best day, I will have brought you to farthest edge of your talent, no matter how frightening, and had you laughing in the process. 

The following five-word creative credo I picked up in college continues to serve as the foundation of how I approach my work:  

Lighter: Let’s quiet the inner critic, lighten the load of any anxieties and give space for your creativity to expand. 

Higher: At its best a creative process can raise the frequency in all aspects of our lives.  To me, work that stems from imagination is as sacred as prayer and meditation, and it possesses many of the same benefits that bring us into joyful alignment.  I believe it’s simply not enough to make “great art” or pursue a goal, we must also know why we are doing so and move forward with commitment, confidence and character.

Simpler:  First instincts are usually the best, but why are they so hard to trust and so impossible to recreate? Let's master the tools of technique so your instincts can take shape simply and clearly.

More joy:  Self-explanatory! In the words of Dame Judi Dench, "You must take your work seriously, not yourself